Martha Ann Miller - Sunrise 09-09-1932 Sunset 11-26-2011

I'm not much of a writer but wanted to tell you a little about my wonderful mom Martha Ann.  On September 09, 1932 Martha Ann Hobbs was born to Alice Elizabeth and Charles Nabor Hobbs Sr.  She was the middle child of three.  She had two brothers.  Charles Nabor Hobbs Jr. and John Allen Hobbs (both deceased). 

Mom died on November 26, 2011 a day before my birthday. She had a rare cancer called a Sarcoma.  It was rare not only because of it's type but also because of the location and the fact that it usually occurred in younger people.  Mom told me one day that she wasn't going to die.  That she was going to be okay.  I really didn't know what to say but I hoped that she was right.  However, it wasn't to be.  My Mom lost her battle with a mean, nasty, unforgiving disease that in the end caused her great pain.  Per her wishes she was cremated and a memorial service was held in her honor on December 10, 2011.  She always wanted to go back home to Dublin but never got the chance.  Something always came up or she wasn't able to travel.  It was her wish to have her ashes spread over the graves of her parents, so one day in the near future we will take her back home and spread her ashes.

Martha or rather Martha Ann as she liked to be called grew up in Laurens County, Dublin Georgia.  She hoped to be a teacher one day but circumstances led her in another direction; motherhood.  She is the mother of five children.  They are Dennis, Patricia, David, Teresa and Cindy.  She is also a stepmother to Bruce.  She is a grandmother (ma-ma) to Angela, Scott, Nick, Brandon and Corey and a great grandmother (ma-ma) to Leah and Tyler.  She has been married twice.  Once to Henry Mimbs who is the father of Patricia, David and Teresa.  On January 18, 1963 she married her second husband and my father James Lewis Miller.  They would have been married 49 years come this January 2012.

Mom loved sitting on the porch, drinking coffee, collecting chickens of all kinds and anything with a fruit design on it.  I think she could have opened up a shop and never run out of inventory.  She also loved going to garage sales and yard sales.  She would have done that everyday if she could have.  She loved getting out and seeing what she could find and meeting the people.  But most of all she loved being a mom and she loved her family more than anything and she never let you forget it.  She never let you leave the house or hang up a phone without telling you how much she loved you.  Her favorite saying was "I love you the whole sky-full".  I can't tell you how many times I heard her say that to me or to someone else.  When she signed a birthday, Easter or Valentines day card you can bet every thing you owned that she signed it "I love you the whole sky-full" and she did and more.

She was and still is the most wonderful, loving, caring and awesome mom anyone could have.  I'm so very thankful that she was my Mom.  I couldn't have picked a better one myself.

It was an honor to be your daughter.  I love you and miss you the whole sky-full.

~Cindy (the baby)


Look for Me
(Sung by Tanya Goodman Sykes)

When you finally make your entrance to that city,
Of jasper walls and bright golden avenues. 
As you behold all its beauty and its splendor,
Remember there's just one request I make of you.

Look for me for I will be there too,   
I realize when you arrive there'll be so much to view.
After you've been there ten thousand years,
A million maybe two,
Look for me for I will be there too.   

As you go down your list of firsts there's no question,
You'll want to see your loved ones waiting there for you.
And when you feel you've shared your story with the very last one,
That wants to hear you tell just how you made it through.

Look for me; I'd like to hear it too.
I realize when you arrive; there'll be so much to view.
And After you've been there ten thousand years, a million or maybe two,
Look for me, for I will be there too.      
Look for me, for I will be there too   
I will be there too
I will be there too.

~Rusty Goodman~


On the home page I posted partial lyrics to a gospel song titled "Beyond the Sunset".  This is that same set of lyrics typed out on a piece of paper that I found in my grandmother's (my mama's mom) purse.

I found the photo below in my grandmother's purse.  My mom is the one on your right (white top) with hand in air.  Although you can't tell due to the condition on the photo I assume she's holding a soda bottle like the other girls. 

This is a photo of my Mama taken when she was a watiress.  I'm not sure if this was taken at Safety Harbor Spa or the Days Inn that she worked at.  She always made sure she had her hair done, her makeup done and that her clothes were pressed and her shoes were clean.


  1. Today is the one month anniversary of moms' passing. It's been a very hard day.

  2. Thank you Syam. I'm trying.

  3. Well, I just read your blog about mom as Patricia told me about it the other day. Now I am crying. How beautiful and touching. I feel sad, but I also know that crying can be cleansing. Also, you are mistaken that you are not a good writer. Another one of your many talents.

  4. Today's March 26th. It's been four months since Mama passed. I've been thinking a lot about her in the last few days. Of course I think about her every day but lately she seems to occupy more of my thoughts than anything else. Love you and miss you Mama.

  5. Wow, I can't believe it. This month on July 26th my Mama will have been gone eight months. It's so hard to believe she isn't here. I look at her photo and it doesn't seem real. I don't know if it ever will. She was such a wonderful Mama. I miss her more than I can say.

  6. Cindy I'm spending time with my mother right now while she is in hospice care. I don't believe in accidents. Your comment on my blog yesterday brought me to you, and this beautiful tribute to your dear mother. Thank you for sharing. It brought tears to my eyes. You honor her so well.

    1. Thank you Nancy. I'm so sorry your Mom, you and your family are going through this. I wish I had some magical words of comfort and encouragement that would help in some way. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way.

      Your Hydrangea painting was so beautiful. I'm glad I visited and I'm happy it led you to read about my Mama. I'm always meaning to add more to it. Maybe one day.

      Please take care and know that I will be thinking of you both.



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